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GTS200 digital temperature sensor

GTS200 digital temperature sensor is a temperature sensor that uses the original imported dallas DS18B20 chip and uses high thermal conductivity silicone grease and other materials to package it into shells of different materials and structures. The signal is led out through cables of different specifications to achieve temperature monitoring and control. It is widely used in various application scenarios such as cold chain transportation, computer room monitoring, biopharmaceuticals, and building automation.

> 解决方案

Temperature range: -55~+125℃

Accuracy: ±0.5℃

Output signal: digital signal

Probe type: straight pipe, thread, etc.

Probe material: stainless steel, brass, ABS, etc.

Cable material: PVC, TPE, silicone, etc.

Connectors: Molex, JST, DuPont, etc.

DS18B20 digital temperature sensor

Digital output, single bus multi-point temperature measurement

Dallas imported DS18B20 chip, the temperature resolution can be freely programmed 9-12 bits, with high and low temperature alarm function, digital signal output, easy to connect with the microcontroller, single bus for data communication, can monitor multiple points of temperature at the same time, overall measurement It has high temperature accuracy, good stability and strong anti-interference ability. At the same time, it can be powered by parasitic power supply, which is suitable for more application scenarios.

High voltage insulation design

Strong anti-interference ability and lightning strike resistance

GTS200 digital temperature sensor has excellent insulation performance. It can operate at voltages up to 1500VDC with an insulation resistance of ≥500MΩ for more than 1 minute without obvious damage. The overall ability to resist electrical interference is strong, and it can work stably for a long time under complex working conditions to prevent safety problems such as electric shock or leakage.

Customer Case

Transformer wire connector temperature monitoring


The transformer needs to monitor the temperature of the wire connector in real time to ensure that the operating temperature of the wire connector is within a safe range to avoid cable failures and fire accidents caused by overheating. At the same time, temperature abnormalities can be detected in time and corresponding measures can be taken to extend the service life of wire connector and equipment. Furthermore, it can also provide early warning of wire connector failures, repair and replace them in time, and ensure the normal and safe operation of the transformer.


Transformer wire connector temperature measurement currently usually faces problems such as inaccurate temperature measurement, long measurement cycle, insufficient real-time performance and difficulty in data processing. GAIMC's temperature sensor, specially designed for temperature measurement of transformer connector, can solve these problems very well, realize real-time monitoring and remote management of the temperature of transformer wire connector, improve measurement accuracy and real-time performance, and facilitate data processing by back-end systems. and analysis.

Transformer wire connector temperature sensor features

1. The copper probe has good thermal conductivity, fast response and high temperature measurement accuracy.

2. The copper nose structure design is easy to install, strong and reliable, and not easy to loosen or fall off.

3. Single bus multi-point temperature measurement, monitoring the temperature of multiple points at the same time, facilitating on-site temperature monitoring and management.

4. Digital signal output facilitates data collection and analysis.



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